Services for interpretation centres

  • proyecto-global_1024x1024The drafting of a global project for action in relation to the surroundings and the similar or parallel dissemination activities existing in the area. Proposals for routes and itineraries in the area related to the Interpretation Centre specifically. Unification of efforts with other entities.
  • contenidos_1024x1024Study and development of the content that give meaning to the Interpretation Centre. Documentation, drafting, location of objects and images, etc…
  • proyecto-expositivo_1024x1024Proposed adaptation and design of the space to host the Interpretation Centre. Museographic design of showcases and expository resources adapted to the content, the purpose and the funds available.
  • produccion_1024x1024Modification of the space, building and gathering of the entire proposal included in the expository project. Assembly, connection and set-up.
  • mantenimiento_1024x1024Preventive maintenance of the installation. Drafting of an operational project for the proper use and durability of the centre.
  • gestion_1024x1024Proposal for managing the centre. Feasibility studies. Proposal of workshops and activities. Company’s own assumption of the management and self-funding of the centre.